Saturday, August 6, 2011

Potty Training, Day 15

For the most part, potty training has been a successful endeavor. Jake is now wearing underpants during the day (except nap time) and he's using his words to tell us that he has to go.

He reminds me of a patient that I had in my first clinical of nursing school. She had the awful sensation of always needing to pee (if that happens to me-shoot me) and would scream at the top of her lungs "I HAVE TO PEE! I HAVE TO PEE!" She didn't seem to realize that she had been catheterized and in fact, did not have to pee.

Anywho, he was moved up into the 3rd level of the 2 year old class at his daycare, and he seems to be doing well there. We like the teacher a lot, and Jake seems to be very happy.

Lindsey came home, and after two days of bliss where the two kids were so stoked to see each other that there was absolutely no fighting going on, shit hit the fan. They're still happy to be together, but they've been fighting and fighting and fighting...Jake doesn't want Linds to play with the trains, Linds doesn't want Jake to touch her books or her Nintendo, they can't agree on a television show...but I'm so stinkin' happy to have both my kids with me that any hair that has been torn out has been worth it.

I passed my first RN level class. Nursing 222: the class of the devil. High-risk OB and high-risk psych together. I agree that many high-risk OB patients are also psych patients for the duration of their gestation, but why in the hell would they put those two classes together?Bottom line, the class was hard as hell and I was lucky to make it out alive. Now I move on to Nursing 224, which focuses on cardiac and GI issues. I'll be learning how to place an IV, anyone wanna volunteer to help me practice??