Friday, November 4, 2011

I am WRITING again!

It's November, which means that I'm participating in National Novel Writing Month, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo.

Working on this:

Secrets of Truth
by Rebecca Young

Who says you can't go back?

After her father decides that life in Boston isn't all it's cracked up to be, Gabriella Hunter finds herself back in the small town of Hanover, New Hampshire, where she spent the ninth year of her life. Now at seventeen, she just can't seem to be able to let the friends from her past back in, not even her best friend, Cooper Linton.

Gabriella can't figure out why everyone hates Cooper and his friends, and she can't understand why Jackson Palmer is so weird around her. How much can things change in eight years?

A lot.

Chapter 1 excerpt:

I wanted to know what had happened to my first crush…what had happened that turned him from a sweet boy who would smile at me from under his bangs to this angry man who was more complex than a thousand-piece puzzle.

I shook my head, wondering what his deal was, and then wondered why I cared. I got the things from my locker and then walked to the Jeep alone, trying not to pay attention to everyone standing around talking about me. I didn‘t understand why they didn‘t just ask? With a shiver and a sigh, I climbed in, dropped my backpack on the passenger seat, and started the car. I raised my cold hands to the vents, hoping the heat would start pumping soon. Once the car and my hands had warmed up, I pulled out of my parking spot, passing Jackson as he walked through the lot to wherever his car was. I glanced out my rearview mirror just before I pulled out of the parking lot, and saw him stop and look back at my car. I wondered if he knew it was me. Then, somehow, I figured he did.

Chapter word count: 6118

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