Saturday, November 5, 2011

Secrets of Truth- Chapter 2

Secrets of Truth
by Rebecca Young

Who says you can't go back?

After her father decides that life in Boston isn't all it's cracked up to be, Gabriella Hunter finds herself back in the small town of Hanover, New Hampshire, where she spent the ninth year of her life. Now at seventeen, she just can't seem to be able to let the friends from her past back in, not even her best friend, Cooper Linton.

Gabriella can't figure out why everyone hates Cooper and his friends, and she can't understand why Jackson Palmer is so weird around her. How much can things change in eight years?

A lot.

Chapter 2 excerpt:

“Cooper Linton is your study partner? He talks to you?” the red haired boy at the end asked. I was pretty sure that his name was Jason.

“Um, yeah?” I said timidly. Well, we had talked about studying together. Briefly, and at some point in the future. Actually, it had been more like a thought that had occurred in passing. But why did they have to know? “Is there something wrong with him?”

“It’s just that, well, he doesn’t normally talk to anyone,” Vanessa said, dropping her voice so that I had to strain to hear her.

“Why not?” I asked, curious.

“He’s a loser, him and all those creepy friends of his. You don’t want to hang out with them…any of them. They just aren’t like us,” Ashley said, sounding snotty and superior.

Chapter Word Count: 7384
Book Word Count: 13709

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